Nephi Allred - Paracom CEO

Nephi Allred


Nephi applies his extensive business management experience in the electrical contracting industry to provide the insight, vision and leadership that enables not only the company’s growth but also the professional development of the Paracom team. His compassionate leadership motivates our team members to not only give their best effort every day, but also to focus on continuing education and honing their unique skills.

Lance Conner - Paracom President & COO

Lance Conner

President & COO

With over 23 years of leadership experience in the Fire and Security industry, Lance brings a wealth of knowledge of regulatory requirements in various vertical markets, such as federal systems, state and local government, critical infrastructure/public utilities, bio pharma, healthcare, and higher education. Lance is committed to helping our customers stay in compliance by reducing fines and loss, while focusing on the overall customer experience.

Tammy Hardwood - Paracom CPO

Tammy Harwood

Chief People Officer

As an experienced Human Resources expert, Tammy thrives in situations in which she helps in the development and ongoing growth of high-performing teams. Tammy works with the Paracom team to facilitate open communication, attract new quality talent, and build a strong camaraderie among the Reliance family of companies.

Victor Johnson - Paracom Operations & Service Manager

Victor Johnson

Applications Engineer

Victor began his career as an electrician in 2004 and quickly became an expert in the low voltage industry. Providing his vast knowledge in access control, CCTV, A\V, security, radio, data, optical fiber, data testing and certification to businesses in 18+ states, Victor holds the following licenses in multiple states and municipalities: Backflow, Journeyman Electrician, Fire Alarm, Fire Alarm Systems NICET IV.